Regarding the “tip jar”:

You may have noticed there is a donate button on the right-hand side of most of this website. If you have questions about that, this page is for you.

Where does the money go?

My groceries, my rent, my phone bill, and the cost of hosting this blog on wordpress, mostly. on occasion some of this money will be put towards “activist” expenses – getting buttons made, printing pamphlets, etc. that I may take on in the course of my efforts to organize for a better world.

Your donations are not my sole or primary income stream, but they certainly help keep me motivated to write here.

How much are you asking for?

Whatever you can give. My writing is usually not intended to appeal to those who might have large sums of cash to support this or that media project. As someone from that squeezed majority of people called the working class, I understand money is tight.

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