Abram Johannes Frederick Lutes is a student in his final year in the Bachelors of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies program at the University of New Brunswick and is completing this degree with a specialization in Anthropology and International Development Studies. Following completion of his Bachelors, it is his intention to pursue a Masters of Arts in Political Economy at Carelton University, where he has been accepted for the 2019 academic year. He is the founder and editor of Peripheral Thought.

While at the University of New Brunswick, in addition to his regular studies, Mr. Lutes played a role in a Participatory Action Research (PAR) project with the Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network, and contributed to the Anthropology Writing Collective and the Rural Issues Workshop. He previously lived and worked in El Salvador at the Centro Intercambio y Solidaridad for four months where he cultivated a strong comprehension of Spanish and made connections in the anti-privatization and land reclamation movements.

He has written for the Journal of Extreme Anthropology and the Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Journal, as well contributed to the Arts Matters regional arts conference and to a number of journalistic and investigative endeavours.

His academic interests, broadly conceived, are; political economy, political and economic anthropology, citizenship and belonging, anti-systemic social movements, and Latin America studies.

His working languages are English (primary), French, and Spanish.

Please see his page for publications.

For inquiries, he can be reached at

Photograph by Johanna Ti’Tigli